1. You have one or more dependents, this could include elderly parents, or grandparents. You need to provide a safety net for your family.
  2. You want to pay as little as possible. Purchasing life insurance at a young age is an advantage because of youth and health. Most young people are healthy and the Insurance company’s will use mortality tables when providing a premium. The older you get provides time for health issues to take place, and when that happens your chances of getting life insurance will Increase the price and decrease the chance of obtaining it.
  3. You want to supplement the insurance you have bought thru your employer. Many young people will move from job to job while trying to figure out what they want to actually do with their lives. Having life insurance separately from what the job offers will keep you and your loved ones protected, adding peace of mind while working to figure it out.

Overall Life insurance is not expensive if you purchase it while you are young. Young women will pay a much lower premium than a young male.