You know you need life insurance; if you were to die prematurely, your loved ones could struggle financially without life insurance protection. At a time when they’re already grieving, they could be forced to move and change their standard of living in order to make ends meet. However, if you are making less than $50,000/year, you may think you can’t afford life insurance. After all, you still need to be able to pay your regular monthly expenses.

You may decide to put off buying life insurance until a later date, when you think you’ll have more disposable income. However, that’s not a good plan for a couple of reasons. First, the cost of life insurance is largely based on your current age and health condition. The older you get, the more expensive coverage becomes. In addition, if you were to be diagnosed with a serious health condition, it may be harder to find affordable coverage. The second reason you shouldn’t wait to buy coverage is that none of us knows how long we’ll live. Putting off a life insurance purchase could leave your loved ones without the protection it offers.

The best way to find affordable life insurance protection, regardless of your income, is to talk to a licensed insurance agent who can help you explore available options. Many people are pleasantly surprised when they find out just how affordable life insurance can be. Your agent can help you determine whether term insurance, permanent insurance, or some combination of the two makes sense for your needs and your budget.

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