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Christopher Ferguson Insurance

Learning from Experience

When I grew up I did not have a clue as to what insurance was about. It was something that was not part of our family life. Years later when I was a grown man and my father passed away, I was witness to and part of the pain and confusion that takes hold when an event such as death takes its place in a family’s life.

What were we going to do?
How were the bills to be paid?
How was the funeral to be paid?

Lots of Handouts But No long Term Solution

There were still decades of life to live, and it was lived hard. The thing I learned from that experience was to never be in that position again. I would learn what tools were available to help a person live their life so that when certain moments arrived, that moment did not change the rules of their life.

Making a Career Choice

I learned about Insurance and eventually made it a career choice. I enjoy selling Life Insurance because at the end of the day for me I have helped someone face their future with financial strength and dignity. Our family moved to Tyngsboro in 2011 and this is now our home. We care deeply for this community.

I AM ALicensed Agent in MA and NH


Life insurance is a multifaceted financial tool that has living benefits that can help a family survive life as well as a death.